Sports Insight – Jan 2014 Digital Issue

21 On The Podium
Paul Hendry, CEO of Trion:Z, talks us through the brand’s range

22 Front Runners
Rod Clark, general manager at FreshAirActive, the UK distributor for AIRBAC backpacks

24 The Insider
Dougie Tobutt, director of Tobutt Sports in Bolton

66 Under The Counter
A sideways look at the world of independent retailing

42 Yoga and pilates
46 Head candy
50 Running
54 Swimming

13 Business & Pleasure
STAG rounded off 2013 with another successful winter show in the Cotswolds

30 Polska? Tak!
The passion and problems shared with the Polish sporting goods market

33 It’s Not Just
About Price Paul Sherratt looks at the ‘marketing Ps’ and how they relate to the sports industry

36 High Energy
What sports shops can do to

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