Supermodel Adriana Lima teams up with Puma to be their newest women’s training ambassador

PUMA has entered a long-term partnership with the international supermodel, Adriana Lima.

She will be the new ambassador for their women’s training business and represent the brand in marketing campaigns around the globe.

Adriana Lima said: “Supporting, encouraging, and empowering women is important to me; this is one of the reasons I wanted to partner with Puma. They’ve worked so hard to encourage women to be themselves and to show them that by working hard, you can accomplish anything. People have seen me on runways and magazine covers – with this new partnership with Puma, I want to share my personal training journey and what it takes for me to achieve a healthy balanced life.”

Puma recognizes the strength, grace, and confidence of women. One of the brand’s objectives is to empower women by giving them the tools to accomplish their goals. It’s essential that they have tech-infused products with fashion-forward designs to help them work towards being a better version of themselves and the only way to be you is to do you.

Adam Petrick, Global Director for Brand and Marketing for Puma, said: “Adriana is such an inspiring, caring and real person. She is the embodiment of our women’s training business, if you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see that she loves sports, fitness, and most of all, boxing.

“We are very excited to have her be part of the Puma family. She is a great addition to our roster of successful female leaders that have accomplished so much in their careers. She will help us inspire millions of women around the world to take the reigns of their lives and follow their dreams.”

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