Supersapiens is proud to announce they will be partnering with IRONMAN® in 2021

Supersapiens is proud to announce they will be partnering with IRONMAN® in 2021

Supersapiens is proud to announce they will be partnering with IRONMAN® in 2021 as the official Real-Time Energy Management System Sponsor in Europe. These countries include Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Supersapiens, the first direct-to-consumer energy management ecosystem, is powered by the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the first glucose sport biosensor designed specifically for athletic performance, to help endurance athletes manage their fuelling strategies in training, racing, and recovery.

“At Supersapiens, we’re intimately familiar with the challenge of managing fuel levels while competing in IRONMAN and IRONMAN® 70.3® events,” Supersapiens CEO and founder Phil Southerland recognised from experience. “IRONMAN saw athletes on BMC-Vifit Pro Triathlon Team training and racing with the Supersapiens ecosystem and immediately identified how our product would be a powerful tool for all IRONMAN athletes and coaches. We’re thrilled with the opportunity to work with IRONMAN and to see what these athletes can achieve empowered through us,” Southerland passionately verbalised.

The Supersapiens ecosystem includes the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the Supersapiens app, and a wrist wearable device in the final stages of development that displays data from the biosensor in real time. The app continuously tracks glucose data and allows athletes to create Events — workouts or races, meals, and rest — so they can correlate specific glucose levels with their body’s physiological performance during racing, training, and recovery. And the Education Hub offers deep and insightful information to help athletes better understand glucose and the impact it has on performance, so anyone can learn how to optimise fuelling for sustained performance.

“The old adage still applies – a race car with no fuel will lose to the horse that had a solid breakfast. Energy management is a critical piece of IRONMAN race day success. Supersapiens helps open the door to not just managing your energy on race day, but also learning about how your nutrition and training mix together to create success,” added Earl Walton, Global Director, Training and Coaching at IRONMAN.

The ecosystem empowers athletes to arrive at the race start line confident in their fuelling strategy, and also gives them continuous real-time guidance on how to adjust fuelling during the race to achieve their optimal performance.

“As athletes like IRONMAN triathletes aim to push their performance to higher and higher levels, they require more performance insight,” said Supersapiens co-founder Todd Furneaux. “We have seen how real-time insight into glucose levels that the Supersapiens ecosystem provides, helps athletes perform better, allowing them to break PRs, set course records, and achieve what they never thought was possible. We can’t wait to share that insight with more IRONMAN competitors.”

Supersapiens launched to the public in September 2020 and began shipping products in select European markets in December 2020. The Supersapiens ecosystem, powered by Abbott Libre Sense, is now available in select European markets at

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