T.Foil Dark – Foiling in Love Again!

As part of the on-going crusade by TheMagicTouch in the UK to assist customers in reducing production cost and time when decorating garments, the company has introduced another innovative and affordable process that “ticks all the boxes” and offers great opportunities.

In the past the decoration of garments with metallic and sparkle effect designs has involved the traditional method of cutting and weeding which becomes somewhat a challenge when producing intricate designs or short-run production orders quickly.

Jim Nicol, Managing Director of TheMagicTouch, said: “The new T.Foil Dark transfer process offers the ability for the user to produce stunning results quickly and very cost effectively onto almost any garment regardless of colour or textile composition and involves no labour intensive cutting and weeding.

“The process involves printing the required design with a “composite” black toner onto the T.Foil Dark transfer paper using either an enhanced CMYK or CMY plus white-toner based printer powered by the installed SpaceControl software. The printed transfer paper is then applied to the garment using a traditional heat press. From a choice of over 18 stunning foil colour options the design is covered and pressed again resulting in foil only attaching to the toner area. The finished transfer has a final press to ensure outstanding feel, look and durability.”

The new T.Foil Dark is compatible with the latest entry-level CMYK OKi printers (C612 & C332 models) which both have their own version of the “SpaceControlBasic” software available to manage T.Foil Dark but also the other nine compatible transfer papers available and assist in colour management. The printers including the installed software are available for less than £300 making the whole process affordable for all. In addition the SpaceControlBasic software is available to purchase separately for those already with the CMYK printer models.

The foils are available in rolls 30cm x 25m and include Metallic Silver, Gold, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, Rainbow, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Olive, Rose Gold, Charcoal, Orange and Bronze. Plus Sparkle Effects in Gold, Silver and Bronze. The T.Foil Dark is available in either A4 or A3 sheets.

The bottom line is the user is able to produce transfers (transfer paper & foil) for less than £1 up to A4 and £2 for A3 quickly and profitably.

For further details, samples or to arrange a demonstration contact or 01582 671444.

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