Table Tennis England licenses TT Kidz initiative in Australia

Table Tennis England has signed a licensing agreement with its Australian counterparts which will see its TT Kidz youth participation initiative rolled out in Australia.

TT Kidz is a fun eight-week programme, launched this year across the country, which introduces new players aged 7 to 11 to the sport, teaching them the basics and inspiring them to continue playing.

Under the terms of the licensing agreement, the name in Australia will change to Spinaroos, but the TT Kidz programme structure, content, lesson plans, activity videos and some of the marketing material will be used to inspire young players in Australia to take up the sport.

The agreement was struck after Table Tennis Australia received funding to develop a programme to attract youngsters into the sport, leading to discussions between TTA and Table Tennis England.

Greg Yarnall, Head of Development and Volunteering at Table Tennis England, said: “It was clear from the very first time we spoke that there was some synergies between what we had been developing over the past couple of years with what TTA were trying to achieve.

“Working with TTA on a licence agreement for TT Kidz was a great way to maximise resources for both parties and it’s something that as a sport we should be doing more of on a worldwide level to maximise the growth of the game.”

Patrick Wuertz, Program Co-ordinator at Table Tennis Australia, said: “We were looking for a programme that is innovative, fun and well-researched and tested. After conversations with Greg Yarnall and seeing the work that was done, we knew from the start that TT Kidz has everything that we were looking for.

“Licensing the program from Table Tennis England will ensure that children in Australia have the best possible experience when starting off with table tennis.”

Yarnall added that both governing bodies were keen to continue working together, and that future licensing agreements with other countries were possible.

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