Taiwan, the Best Place to Combine Sports and Technology in the Sports Tech Industry

The increasing awareness of health and demand for fitness have generated huge business in the sports and fitness market.

Taiwan is an important sporting goods manufacturing base with high-quality OEM/ ODM services. On the other hand, sports tech development has become a booming trend worldwide, and technology players are establishing cross-industry cooperation. Technology applications, such as data analytics and monitoring, exercise performance enhancement, and spectator experience optimization, are becoming development priorities. With world-leading IT technologies and rich experience in sporting goods manufacturing, Taiwan has a huge competitive edge and is embarking on the path to further the progress of sports tech by combining the two.TaiSPO, the only sporting goods and services trade show in Taiwan, will return with its new name as “Sports and Fitness Taiwan” to the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 (TaiNEX 2) on March 22–25, 2023. In addition to sport industry, TaiSPO will showcase fashion, technology, health and e-sports in one place to create an optimized stage for industrial cooperation and exchanges.Various exciting outdoor, indoor, online, and physical events will include digital sports competitions, group workouts, industry forums, a live studio, and Outdoor Taipei will also be held to spice up TaiSPO 2023, making it a comprehensive and interactive platform for fitness and sports. Don’t miss out the business opportunities! Apply your booth now.

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