Tennis start up Slinger Bag selected as finalist in 2019 SFIA Awards

Slinger Bag, the new, crowdfunded start-up that has created the world’s most versatile tennis ball launcher, has been selected by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) as one of just five finalists, from hundreds of entries, in its 2019 Start-Up Challenge.

The SFIA Start-Up Challenge is designed to provide a showcase and platform for new companies that best represent innovation and entrepreneurship in the sports and fitness industry. Slinger Bag’s selection as a finalist is an amazing achievement by a company that is still yet to launch (the global brand launch is planned for November 2019).

As a finalist, Slinger Bag, along with the four other finalists, will be presenting its company and vision on the biggest entrepreneurial stage in the sports and fitness industry, including over 200 executives, experts and investors. To date, the previous 16 finalists, including last year’s winner NIX hydration, have gone on to raise more than $140 million in funding. The winner will be announced on September 25, 2019.

Mike Ballardie, Slinger BagCEO, said: “We’re the newest company in tennis, and delighted that our game-changing innovations and corporate vision are being recognised so soon. To be selected as a SFIA finalist is a tremendous honour and the timing could not be better with our global launch upcoming in November.

“Above all else, however, it is a validation of the belief that Joe, our founder and an avid tennis player, had in taking an idea that solved his challenge of finding regular playing partners from the drawing board to tennis courts, the world over.”

The Slinger Bag is a highly versatile and portable ball launcher for tennis players of all levels and abilities. It is perfect for enjoyable on or off court practice virtually anywhere and is a game-changer for those who are short of a playing partner – like Joe. It is lightweight (just 12 kgs empty) and can be carried or wheeled for total portability. It also provides plenty of storage space for users to stash away racquets, towels, water bottles and personal effects, just like a normal sports bag, and what’s more it will even charge your mobile phones and devices.

Using the Slinger Bag could not be easier: you simply position the bag, set your preferences and start playing. Set up takes around one minute. It has a variable launch speed of between 10 and 45 mph, an impressive 144 ball capacity and five hours of battery life.

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