The DNA of discovery – Jack Wolfskin and Bear Grylls join forces

Jack Wolfskin, in March, announced a new apparel partnership with global adventurer, bestselling author and double BAFTA and Emmy Award-winner Bear Grylls. Bear joins the Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team of explorers, researchers, educators and creatives.

The partnership highlights a close alignment between both brands. Jack Wolfskin is a brand based on discovery and enhancing outdoor experiences. The brand’s design ethos – Engineered in Germany, Proven in the Wild – highlights a commitment to progressive innovation, German precision and a feedback loop for continual improvement. Bear Grylls is the embodiment of discovery, wilderness adventure, survival, and has spent a lifetime testing himself in the wild.

Grylls is a distinctive personality of the outdoor community, whose TV shows have been viewed by over a billion people worldwide. He is known for his breathtaking adventures, survival training, award winning tv programs and bestselling books. Since his childhood he has practiced martial arts and was a part of a special unit of the British Army for three years. During this time, he perfected his survival skills, preparing for adventures that pit him against the most challenging forces of nature. For Grylls, adventure and discovery mean a continual push to explore unknown places, new challenges and original endeavours.

“Jack Wolfskin is one of the most dynamic but approachable brands in the outdoor space with long-lasting apparel that will benefit anyone who heads outdoors,” Grylls said. “I share their commitment to empowering more people to experience their own personal adventures and to build a greater appreciation of the wild places and our wider society. This is going to be an amazing adventure to collaborate with such an experienced, dedicated and entertaining crew. I’m ready!”

“Both brands want to create curiosity, transfer knowledge, encourage action and enable adventures for everyone”, said Mokhtar Benbouazza, Vice President of Marketing. The modern way of living and working has gradually separated people from their relationship with the natural world. The average American spends 93 % of their time indoors. In Europe, children play outside at half the rate of their parents before them.

Benbouazza added: “At Jack Wolfskin, we want to tackle these issues and work with Bear and his team to encourage young people to spend more time outdoors and develop key life skills.” Together, both brands want to contribute to a more conscious way of life that is closely connected to nature.

“Bear has made it his calling to explore the unknown and share it with the world,” said Richard Collier, CEO of Jack Wolfskin. “He’s a perfect fit for Jack Wolfskin’s ‘We Live to Discover’ mantra focused on educating and inspiring all people to have meaningful experiences in the outdoors with their friends and families in a global effort to rewild the world’s natural places, species and human spirit.”

Visit Jack Wolfskin’s digital home to get inspired through Grylls’ projects and meet the entire Discovery Team.

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