The Enervit Peterborough Marathon 2020 has been postponed

The Enervit Peterborough Marathon 2020 has been postponed until later in the year.

After much consideration, organisers Sublime Racing, have announced the postponement of the race which was due to take place on April 5, 2020.

The tough decision was made despite close monitoring of the situation over the past few weeks, implementation of some robust plans to cater for many eventualities to ensure the event could go ahead, and no official ban on large gatherings yet in place.

Martin Jennings, Race Director, said: “The threat of an imminent ban, is not the reason that we are postponing our event until later in the year. The reason is much more personal than that.

“The Government ban may be at a level whereby technically we could continue, as our medical provision makes us totally self-sufficient and proposes no risk of increased demand to the NHS.

“But the one thing we could not be sure of is that we would not be responsible for bringing the virus to one of our runners, volunteers or team. With that in mind, we elected not to put them, or their families at risk and the same applies to our runners and their families.”

More information including a new date, will be available to runners over the next weeks via social media and, after consultation with event partners.

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