The inaugural Atlas Games are coming

This summer will see the launch of a brand-new fitness event – the ATLAS Games – taking place in the South East of England.

Set to shake up the sporting challenge arena, the inaugural ATLAS Games will be unveiled on August 22-23 at Lingfield College in Surrey. The two-day functional fitness event will see teams of four (men, women and mixed categories) compete and showcase their fitness, strength and power. While full details of the event are soon-to-be revealed, below is just a sample of what to expect and why the ATLAS Games stand out from the rest:

12 events across four differently themed zones.
Pushes, pulls, drags, carries, climbs, lifts, jumps, sprints will be the movements required.
No complex Olympic Lifting / Gymnastics movements (all movements can be performed by anybody who trains regularly)

The brainchild behind the ATLAS Games is Jim Galvin, a former Royal Marine Commando and Team GB Athlete for the British Bobsleigh team, who is now a qualified PT and runs his own fitness business, Atlas Fitness Conditioning in West Sussex. He also holds two World Records as part of “Team Natural Power” for ‘the amount of weight deadlifted in an hour’ and ‘the most amount of weight deadlifted in 12 hours’.

Galvinsaid: “I am excited to launch the ATLAS Games – it’s been a dream of mine to bring this event to life and I can’t wait to see it in action. The whole ethos of the Games is to create a positive environment that will give participants the chance to push themselves and smash some personal bests, all while working with a team, and of course enjoying the day. Roll on August 2020!”
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