The lightest AR eyewear now displays maps and coaches athletes directly in their field of view

ActiveLook, the head-up display technology integrated in smartglasses, has announced two major partnerships that enhance the performance of any athlete and outdoor adventurer, injury-free!

With more than 1M users, the Openrunner app opens athletes to more than 6M tailor-made routes in any environment. Developed by health and sport experts, iKinesis is a wearable device that works as a coach to correct and optimize movement based on the athlete’s weaknesses and strengths.

Both solutions are now connected to the ActiveLook unique technology. Cosmo Vision is also paired with the two solutions to offer new vision of mobility to urbanites. In any environment, athletes get access to their full data, in real time, on the world’s superlight AR eyewear with head-up display.

A unique AR technology for a complete sports experience

ActiveLook is an embedded head-up display technology that fits into sleek, lightweight frames and lenses. A dedicated software and hardware technological platform allows any eyewear and sports manufacturers to easily take a leap into AR technology.

ActiveLook’s miniaturised and invisible AR technology displays essential performance data without obstructing the field of vision. Specifically, a smart chip integrated into the eyewear projects data to a discrete near-eye display that “melts” into the optics. It gives access in real time to whatever data is monitored by athletes as they train or compete, such as distance covered, elapsed time, their speed, pace, or heartbeat.

Topographic maps at eye view

Athletes may want to enjoy exploring new scenery in the nature or get the thrill of urban circuits. They may also want or find the route that suits their needs and objectives. The Openrunner app opens them to more than 6M maps for running, hiking or cycling and a community of more than 1M users that can share their own.

This superlight AR eyewear connects to the Openrunner app to show the wearer routes in real time, with zero obstruction of their view. So, while using the Openrunner app, athletes can also see the routes “hands-free” without ever having to reach to their smartphone.

Less injury, more performance

Up to 50 per cent of runners get injured at least once a year and 94 per cent of runners have been injured once in their lives. So, while focusing on trails and routes, athletes need to get their practice right. This is where iKinesis comes in. This shoe-mounted running coach uses AI and advanced technologies to optimize and correct the movement in real time. This includes pronation, foot strikes, speed, propulsion efficiency and cadence.

Now, during practice, the iKinesis device connects to ActiveLook’s AR eyewear for a simple visual access to healthier and high-performance data. In real time, athletes get access to corrections and advice to limit injury during practice based on their movement, directly at eye level.

The hands-free coach in AR for a safer and richer experience – even in cities!
By partnering with Openrunner and iKinesis, any eyewear integrating ActiveLook’s technology turns athletic practice into a totally immersive and renewed experience. The projection in the smart glasses provides athletes with the ideal conditions to enhance training, motivation and performance.

In fact, it is ideal for any type of mobility including urban areas thanks to Cosmo Vision. Integrating the ActiveLook’s AR technology, Cosmo Vision allows users to display turn-by-turn navigation on the right lens. It adapts to all lighting conditions and works even in inclement weather – protecting its wearer while remaining stylish.

Eric Marcellin-Dibon, founder of ActiveLook, said: “With our technology, the head-up display enters a new era: athletic performance and safety. It proves that this technology has become mature! Free of distortion or distractions, the glasses can now offer new services that make sport safer and more fun!”

ActiveLook: A practical view

ActiveLook is the perfect complement to outdoor sports and urban mobility – whether they are practiced by professionals or amateurs. So, while riding to work, exploring urban areas, running in the wilderness, riding a forest trail on a mountain bike, riding in a pack, or tackling difficult slopes and tight turns, the data is automatically projected on the near-eye display.

It saves time and allows the athlete to focus on their practice and experience without having to make any additional gesture to access their data. It also makes the journey safer. The experience becomes immersive, as the the Activelook smartglasses give athletes the perfect means to gain in performance, skill and safety, eyes-up!

At MWC 2022, Activelook will also announce its exclusive partnership with iconic Finish smart watches, Suunto.

A prototype integrating ActiveLook’s technology and compatible with Openrunner and iKinesis will be on display during MWC in Barcelona, Spain, February 28 to March 3, 2022 at Hall 7 Stand 7E23, with a later release.

Activelook is on the shortlist for Glomo Mobile Awards 2022 in the Best Connected Consumer Devices category.

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