The Luka 2 is built for creating space on the court

Luka Doncic has a playing style that’s one of a kind: He’s always under control, quick to separate from his defender, and possesses a court vision that allows him to see the play before it happens.

The Jordan design team has studied him closely to evolve the second instalment of his signature shoe, the Luka 2. Through a highly collaborative process, Jordan Brand designed the Luka 2 to meet the needs of Doncic as well as the needs of the next generation.

The goal of the design process was to study his multidirectional play in hunting down space, maximize those movements, and help create separation through the shoe’s technology. The shoe is created with the step-back in mind, embracing one of the key moves that epitomizes Doncic’s game.

To help Doncic create space on the court, designers evolved the combination of full-length Formula 23 and the IsoPlate — both Jordan-only innovations. These features work together with a medial wedge of Cushlon 3.0 foam to help keep the foot at a proper banking angle, which helps the player efficiently push off their forefoot.

The midsole is comprised of four parts. The Formula 23 foam rests directly underneath the foot, surrounded by a firm foam carrier. A soft foam wedge on the medial side helps the foot sink in slightly so it sits at a proper angle for pushing off the court. Finally, the latest version of the IsoPlate raises the lateral sidewall against the carrier foam to help keep the player on balance during lateral changes of direction.

Luka said: “I still can’t believe I have my own signature shoe with Jordan Brand, and now we’re already on the Luka 2. The technology keeps getting better, and I hope people feel the same special connection with this one that I have.

“I love how we kept the good things with the IsoPlate and Formula23 and made it even better with the Cushion 3.0 foam. Working with the Jordan team is great. We think about what I need now and what future athletes will need.

“The IsoPlate is amazing for me, and now with the Cushlon 3.0 foam, I can go even higher and create more space between me and the defender.

“I’m really excited about all of the different colourways for my second signature shoe, especially the ones that have a connection to Slovenia. Luk.AI even got his own colourway.”

The Luka 2 releases in the Luk.AI colourway July 5 for select Nike Members globally and July 11 on and at select retailers.

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