The Rise of ESports Betting in the United States

We have seen immense growth in sports betting around the world, and Americans are surprisingly showing a huge interest in the matter. The popular form of online gambling became legal in the U.S. by Supreme Court ruling only three years ago and has since then quadrupled.
Now you can bet on almost any sport, and everything from big, national tournaments and championships, to smaller matches between local teams. It is usually done online through the many various betting sites there are, and some also offer apps to gamble at. People generally often turn online when it is time to gamble, to check the odds, place wagers, and look for betting tips.

Physical and online sports
Not only has the arena for betting changed, the entire sports world as we know it today looks vastly different from only a decade ago. Now we are not only competing in the fields and stadiums but are also competing for victory online. Esports is the term for different electronic sports, often known as video gaming on a professional level. It can in some ways be compared to chess and sparked many discussions when deciding whether or not this should be called an actual sport.

Some argue that the body should be active, and that sport is something highly physical, while others say that the knowledge and mind control that is required to do well in sports like chess and video gaming, is just as impressive as the ability to run fast or dribble a ball. Research also shows that the players of these high-stake games are burning calories and get physically exhausted by the games, which is why they include physical activity as part of their training. This is also the reason why Esports betting is becoming popular, and many are looking to place their best bet on young gamer talent. You can visit for the best esports odds.

Technology and sports
Letting technology influence sports is nothing new. We have for example seen many important technological inventions that have revolutionized biking, games like FIFA that are very popular, and not the least the ability to watch and bet in real-time from anywhere in the world. Technology is also used to make the games fairer, with the ability to look back at events during the games. It is highly used with the ‘VAR’ function in football, and with ‘photo finish’ in many sports such as running and skiing.

Along with these we also have betting, which is only becoming more popular. We now find it in about every sport, and even in the digital arena of electronic sports. However, it is not available for everyone in the U.S. Live sports betting is legal in 23 states plus DC, it is Law enacted in 8 states, under consideration in 3, while there are no legislations in the remaining 16 states. Looking at the immense growth in popularity, it will be interesting to see if more states are willing to place their bets!

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