The Sculpt Society and New Balance launch free ‘Move With Us’ program to level up your running goal

The Sculpt Society, the #1 empowering sculpt and dance cardio workout, and New Balance launch a free one-week ‘Move With Us’ program that combines a mix of movement and meditation for a holistic approach to runner recovery and training.

Available to everyone via The Sculpt Society app (October 24th – October 28th), the full body cross training program for runners will help strengthen your hips, core, legs and arms, to enhance your strength, stamina, and ultimately help you reach your running goals.

The ‘Move With Us’ Program includes a dedicated calendar featuring;

• 5 workouts (30 min Sculpt, 30 min Full Body, 2 Quickie workouts and a Stretch)

• 2 meditations

This program is designed to support runners with a heavy emphasis on glute exercises, hip mobility and mindfulness. It’s important to take care of your body both physically and mentally when training, and this program does just that.

“I love that The Sculpt Society can support members through all of their wellness journeys, whether training for a marathon or recovering from an injury. It’s my goal to empower my community through movement, and offer the tools and guidance needed to support their individual needs,” said The Sculpt Society Founder, Megan Roup.

For more information on the free program, please visit and follow @thesculptsociety and @meganroup for updates.

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