The UK’s first Innerva Health Studio Launches to Boost Health Outcomes

Oak Tree Leisure Centre in Mansfield has launched the UK’s first Innerva Health Studio to improve the health and life outcomes of local people, particularly older adults.

Operated by More Leisure Community Trust in partnership with Serco on behalf of Mansfield District Council, the new facility features 10 pieces of power-assisted equipment from the British manufacturer Innerva, which can be completed in a 30 to 40 minute circuit.

The Mansfield studio provides exercise for everyone – irrespective of age, mobility, weight or fitness level – in a social and supportive environment. Designed to boost the five elements of healthy ageing – balance, aerobic fitness, flexibility, strength and social wellbeing – the Innerva Health Studio allows the centre to tap into the active ageing market and attract a new demographic of member. This includes older adults and those living with health conditions, including chronic fatigue and long COVID.

The relaxed and welcoming environment is ideal for people who are unable or unwilling to use conventional gyms. Members don’t have to wear gym kit or trainers and they are guided through the workout by a fully trained instructor. The equipment features a range of settings, which allow users to find the tempo and resistance that suits them and which they can increase as they get stronger and fitter.

Welcoming the new fitness space, Councillor Burgin, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Leisure, said: “The Health Studio with its power-assisted equipment will act as an entry point for people who are unsure about a traditional gym environment. It will give people the opportunity to improve their health and life outcomes. This will be a space for people to gather, to socialise and to exercise.”

David Heathcote, Head of Business Development at Innerva, said: “We are delighted to see the first Innerva branded equipment at the new Health Studio in Mansfield and the development has the potential to transform the health and wellbeing of people who would never dream of entering a conventional gym. It is a safe space for people to ease into activity, but as other leisure centre operators have discovered, once users become fitter and more confident they transition to other areas of the centre, including traditional gyms to become valued members.”

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