Thermore launches EVOdown – half fibres, half insulation, fully recycled

This year, Thermore launches EVOdown, made of 100 per cent recycled fibres from PET bottles. Thermore EVOdown bridges the gap between free fibres and traditional padding, delivering the ultra-soft hand and luxurious drape of blow-in fibres in a rolled form. This hybrid technology – as consumers like to refer to it – allows to boost productivity and ease of manufacturing.

In fact, EVOdown consists of millions of free fibers encapsulated by two containing outer layers, making it the world’s only product of this type. Consumers will enjoy the lightweight and silky touch of EVOdown-made garments, as well as its unbeatable easy care.

EVOdown Recycled is another step towards sustainability for the Milan-based company, which has now converted over 97 per cent of its turnover into insulations made of either fully or partially recycled fibres (based on actual sales figures). This brings Thermore closer than ever to an exclusively sustainable product offer; and while the industry talks about future projects and roadmaps, Thermore is already at the finish line being almost completely sustainable. This doesn’t come as a surprise: sustainability has always been part of Thermore’s DNA, as the Group pioneered the use of recycled fibres in the early 80s and mastered it thereafter.

The Thermore Group was founded in Milan in 1972. Fifty years later, the company is still defending its title as the global insulation specialist for apparel. Thermore’s team includes young talents under the age of 30, which is what allows Thermore to stay ahead of the curve in the traditional environment of the textile industry. Established by Lucio Siniscalchi, Thermore now welcomes the third generation of the Siniscalchi family into the business, projecting the company into the future.

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