This Mum Runs launches Run30 App

This Mum Runs, the world’s largest running community for Mums, has launched its first App.

Established by Mum of two Mel Bound in 2015, TMR offers a Run30 programme which is now accessible via the App – the first of its kind in the running market designed by Mums specifically for women with children no matter their age and focusing on time moving, not distance covered, a known barrier and point of failure.

Designed in-house and developed by the award-winning team at Headspace, it aims to tackle real life barriers preventing the often overlooked group from exercising. With fear of judgement stopping one in two women from exercising and 77 per cent of Mums saying they would exercise if a lack of time were not a barrier, TMR Run30 is based on 24 sessions rather than a number of weeks allowing runners to start gently with running just a minute at a time before gradually building up week-on-week until participants are running non-stop for 30 minutes; should life get in the way there is guidance on how users can loopback.

The App is packed full of expert advice from a women’s sports physiotherapist, a nutritionist focussing specifically on women’s health and an obstetric gynaecologist among others all with the aim to give Mums the confidence and tools to get running no matter their age or stage in motherhood whether that be postpartum with a newborn or approaching the menopause with adult children.

Run30 enables users to get the same expert coaching, proven programme and support currently offered in real life TMR communities to fit in with the demands of family life. To date the Run30 running programme has helped over 4,000 Mums in parks across the South East of England and – thanks to the App – is now in the hands of women worldwide with its content available anywhere, anytime.

Mel Bound, the founder of This Mum Runs said: “From the very first run with other Mums some five years ago I knew This Mum Runs wasn’t just a running club – it’s more than that. We are creating a global community for women who are taking time for themselves through running. The positive impact on these women’s lives is huge, not only that we know through research the impact of Mums exercising on their children and reducing the risk of poor health as they grow. I’m so proud to be involved with these women, together we are creating a movement which drives long-term behavioural change.”

Packed full of the kind of content and community support members would expect from TMR, This Mum Runs Run30 App is available on IoS and is free to download with a trial session included, followed by an in-app purchase of £7.99 to unlock the whole programme. The launch will soon be followed by an Android version later in the year with other running programmes added offering something for everyone.

To download the App visit the App Store and search for This Mum Runs Run30. To find out more and to join the TMR movement visit, you can also follow their journey via Instagram @ThisMumRuns and Facebook @ThisMumRunsUK.

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