TigerTurf MD: FA grass roots funding is a “huge step in the right direction”

Paul Langford, managing director of synthetic turf manufacturer TigerTurf UK (pictured), has praised the English Football Association for its decision to commit a minimum of £260 million to the grass roots game over the next four years.

Langford believes the funding will result in a host of new and improved facilities, which will in turn attract more youngsters to the sport.

He adds: “The FA’s financial commitment to the grass roots game is a huge step in the right direction for English football as a whole.

“With so much said of the country’s struggle to produce world class players, creating a base from which we can build some truly outstanding facilities will only help our prospects in the long run.

“There are sure to be organisations that feel the FA should be doing even more, but what’s most important is that its grass roots strategy is practical and achievable enough to deliver results.”

The FA has pledged to establish 30 new city hubs across England centred around 3G pitches – something Langford believes has the potential to make the FA’s budget go a lot further.

“Such widespread use of 3G pitches has to be seen as a positive,” he says.

“Not only will it increase the number of playing hours for local clubs and community groups, but it will also keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

“The FA has admitted general pitch maintenance remains a challenge in England and while the upkeep of grass pitches remains vital, supplementary 3G pitches in urban areas will ease this burden by increasing access all year round.”

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