Total Fitness leads revival of middle market health clubs as membership levels are restored

Leading health club brand, Total Fitness, is championing the middle market health club sector as it reports a 100% return to pre-pandemic membership levels. Additionally, eight of its fifteen clubs in Altrincham, Bolton, Lincoln, Preston, Sefton, Wakefield, Walkden and Wigan have significantly exceeded the number of pre-pandemic members for the first time.

This peak in demand with an increase in members is proof that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is firmly back on the agenda, as consumers continue to prioritise their health and wellbeing by investing in middle market club memberships.

With many gym goers looking for fresh new ways to stay active, they are now embracing health clubs offering a variety of ways to exercise with a wider range of facilities, helping them maintain a healthier lifestyle whilst improving their mental health.

Confirming this shift in demand, a recent Total Fitness survey revealed that 48% of new members joining from a previous club came from a ‘budget’ provider.

Access to swimming pool facilities across the Total Fitness estate is also a key differentiator and has played a significant role in new member acquisition, with 79% of those surveyed stating that swimming had the biggest influence on their choice of health club.

Total Fitness provides members with a safe and trusted place to work out, as well as offering them an extensive range of facilities and a variety of ways to be active. From large swimming pools and revitalising hydro-pools to a diverse choice of classes and expert personal trainers, the leading health club enables all its members to embrace fitness in a way that works for them, in a friendly and supportive community.

Total Fitness has also demonstrated its commitment to new and existing members by expanding its product offering with the launch of Squad sessions, an exclusive new small group training session for up to four people The Squads sessions enable members to exercise with family and friends, meaning they can benefit from a more intimate training session along with the enjoyment of working out with others.

Sophie Lawler, CEO, at Total Fitness comments: “As we hit the 12-month mark since re-opening I’m really pleased to have returned to our pre-pandemic membership levels – it’s a really great endorsement of our members’ commitments to their fitness journeys following what was a National awakening to the importance of physical (and mental) fitness and therefore resilience.

While the case for fitness clubs is clear (and this is reflected in the demand for our clubs), the economic case is also quite astonishing. New research released by Deloitte and IHRSA concludes that every inactive worker costs the UK economy £1400 per year which is something I think we can all do something about by choosing to live a more active lifestyle.

In a high-variety mid-market offering like ours we do our best to provide as many ways to work out as possible, because we know that keeping fit isn’t always easy even when you know it’s good for you!

We’re excited about the future of the health club industry and are proud to serve our members and communities, and champion our great purpose.”

Find out more about Total Fitness on their website.

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