Tottenham Hotspur and Soul Corporations Win Best Customer and Employee Engagement Award

Recognised by the International Engage Business Media Awards, the partnership between Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Soul Corporations – a leadership consultancy that helps leaders drive their business forward with ‘soul’ – recently won the Best Customer and Employee Engagement programme 2020 award.

The Spurs Way programme has been designed to fulfil a new vision for the newly opened stadium to become an exceptional home for the team for generations to come, and to create the most digitally advanced stadium in the world, with a vibrant customer-centric culture.

The joint effort has seen the development of core values to engage the heart and soul of people, mapping out the touchpoints for various types of customers to ensure they receive seamless and excellent service. Soul Corporations supported the design and rollout of a series of events aimed at creating personal connections with the values and the brand, helping leaders and teams to map out, document and track the key processes that would impact the end-to-end customer journey. Facilitating the Spurs Way Action Groups (SWAG), the teams have jointly created over 140 identifiable initiatives, using agile principles to enable staff to drive continuous and sustainable improvements.

The club has won a raft of industry awards and we’re very proud to have helped them achieve this and honoured to win this top award.” said Nicholas Brice, CEO of Soul Corporations.

Nicholas and his team helped us get to a high level of performance very quickly. Their level of professionalism across the team has been second to none. They helped us identify and address a number of critical ‘showstoppers’, with some real clarity of thought helping us think differently about our priorities. They filled a gap when we needed extra capability and an independent voice, as well as giving our people a voice.” said Andy O’Sullivan, Venue Director, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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