Triathlon prodigy Gustav Iden joins On

On has announced the official partnership with Norwegian triathlete Gustav Iden.

The 26-year-old is a two-time Iron Man 70.3 World Champion, the 2020 PTO World Champion and 2022 PTO Canadian Open winner and has two third place finishes at World Triathlon Cups in Bermuda in 2018 and 2019, as well as three World Cup wins on his merit list. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, he claimed an eighth place.

“We are immensely proud to have Gustav Iden join the On team,” said Flavio Calligaris, Head of Athlete Strategy and Partnership. “Gustav is a young athlete by triathlon standards and already has an astonishing merit list. We strongly believe in his potential on the in both Olympic as well as long distance races but also in his qualified input, which will help us develop even better performance products in the future. We are excited to build a strong team of top athletes towards the next Olympics.”

To kick off the partnership, Iden has already visited the “OnLabs” Headquarters in Zürich and met with Co-Founder Olivier Bernhard and Co-CEO Marc Maurer, as well as the company’s Athlete Innovation Team to give his detailed input for future developments. The collaboration will see the athlete and the brand continuing to work closely together to work on products designed for fast races.

Iden’s first appearance in On will be at the upcoming Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 6-8. To help him achieve his ambitions for the upcoming competition, he has been provided with On’s latest performance products for training and competition, such as the Cloudboom Echo, a shoe designed to chase marathon records.

“I never signed a contract with shoe brand before as there wasn’t any other brand that could give me what I wanted. With On, I now get the opportunity to create a shoe together with the best team in the world and then hopefully see it on my competitors feet in the future and say: I was a part of the development of that shoe. Also, the culture of On is something that inspires me and I want to bring into my training”, Gustav Iden said. “My ambition for Kona is to get away with the victory here, so can’t wait for race day and find out how the legendary Island will treat me.”

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