Tribal Triumphs on Crowdcube

Times are tough at the moment – you’ve probably noticed – so it’s especially impressive to hear that Challenger nutrition brand Tribal Sports Nutrition has raised over £420K of investment through the Crowdcube fundraising platform, building on an already successful launch in Sainsbury’s and a new listing in Wholefoods.

Tribal was set up, by founder Chris Martin (not the whiney one), with the goal of bringing to market a new kind of functional sports food range made from 100% natural and organic ingredients including the amazing Baobab.

Indeed, it was that very Baobab that inspired Chris whilst working as a photographer and filmmaker in Africa. Realising that Baobab offered a natural energy source packed full of electrolytes, fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants, Tribal Sports Nutrition was born.

Over the last few weeks Tribal has gone live with a new listing in Sainsbury’s, with two energy smoothie SKUs (Morello Cherry & Baobab and Pineapple & Baobab). Early next year these two SKUs and two additional protein smoothies will also launch in Wholefoods, after a successful pitch for Tribal, which started with tenders from 500 brands and ended with Tribal being selected as one of three products to secure a listing for 2021.

To help drive the brand forward, through new product development and a strategic marketing campaign, Tribal launched a funding bid on Monday the 7th December, through Crowdcube, with the objective of raising £250k. They met their target within just four days and finished the campaign (on the 6th of January) with a total investment of £421,558.

We know we’ve got a great brand and product offering, but to see that confidence reflected back at us from the public and investors is the highest praise we could receive,” said CEO Chris. “We look forward to seeing lift-off for the brand in 2021 with the launch of sensational marketing campaigns to tell the world about the power of the Baobab fruit and why we want to shift the mindset towards sustainable natural sports nutrition products.”

For more information on the brand visit or, for details on stocking Tribal products, call Simon Lacey on 07664 003 288.

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