TRX upgrades flagship product with new commercial suspension trainer

TRX, the industry leader in functional training and creator of Suspension Training bodyweight exercise, will expand their commercial fitness product offering by upgrading the company’s flagship product, the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Introduced at the 2016 IRHSA Convention and Trade Show, the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer will provide health clubs, gyms and yoga studios an enhanced version of the original, industry-changing product. 
Having listened to critical consumer and customer feedback from hundreds of thousands of users and qualified training professionals, TRX’s new and improved Commercial Suspension Trainer provides users with a more personalized and efficient experience.

The adjustable foot cradles come equipped with an intuitive hook and loop fastener strap and safety catch.
This innovative function allows a broad range of users to more accurately adjust the foot cradles to their specific shoe size and type.

The adjustable foot cradle is also padded for stability and added comfort for use with bare feet. The rubber handles are infused with antimicrobial solution to prevent germs from spreading in high use commercial environments, while also being easy to clean.
Paul Zadoff, TRX President, said: “The enhancements to the TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer were specifically driven by the desire to make the product even more efficient when training clients and more adaptable to the club environment.”
The TRX Suspension Trainer has been one of the most popular products in gyms and health clubs worldwide for over a decade, so we knew the new functionality had to specifically make the commercial experience better for the end user.”
Designed for a high-use gym setting, the new TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer provides users with incredible durability and adjustment.

New webbing made with unique, multi-weave is designed for exceptionally smooth adjustment, optimal Suspension Training use and to prevent counterfeits.

For extra comfort, in addition to the padded foot cradle, the handle loop incorporates foam into the webbing for extra softness, making it ideal not only for functional training but also mind-body exercises.
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