UA SlipSpeed the only shoe with 2 modes just got better

Introducing the UA SlipSpeed Mega, Under Armour’s latest iteration of dual-mode footwear designed for every mode

Under Armour aims to inspire athletes with performance solutions they never knew they needed and now can’t imagine living without. Listening to our athletes and making their problems ours to solve, UA set out to develop a multi-dimensional shoe that can become what the athlete needs it to be exactly when they need it. The result was UA SlipSpeed™ – a performance trainer with a convertible heel design.

As it launched over a year ago now, the UA SlipSpeed was specifically engineered for training with options for all-day wear, UA has reimagined the traditional training shoe. With its signature UA Flow and Iso-Chill technologies plus the BOA® Fit System and new “crushable” heel design, this one shoe is packed with some of UA’s biggest innovations to push the boundaries of performance.

Now, Under Armour is re-introducing the most versatile training shoes we’ve ever made with a supersized midsole for mega energy. With its convertible heel and new pumped-up midsole, the UA SlipSpeed Mega flexes between slip and speed modes with style. This next iteration of the SlipSpeed family is meant to feel great, cushion better, fit perfectly, handle your toughest training, AND have a heel that converts easily from recover mode to train mode.

The UA SlipSpeed Mega features the same hero innovations and tech details that we know and love from the trainer with the convertible heel and lock-down system, but with a few key differences that give this offering more edge and aggression for the bold, style-forward athlete. Key upgrades include an increased midsole height to make it thicker with a run-trail inspired aesthetic, an updated upper featuring a ripstop and graphic that rises from the midsole, and a narrowed toe box for a faster and sleeker style. From warmups to cool downs, tunnel walks to game days, the UA SlipSpeed Mega is the next shoe for all your modes.

When an athlete crushes the heel of a regular shoe, they are deteriorating the performance attributes of that trainer. In creating the UA SlipSpeed heel folding technology, athletes can have a comfortable underfoot experience without compromising performance capabilities. Plus, the BOA® Fit System delivers a micro-adjustable, personalized fit – wearers can dial in to secure their foot for tough reps or release the tension for relaxed wear.

UA SlipSpeed footwear is grounded in UA Flow technology, the same proprietary foam compound used in Stephen Curry’s signature Curry Flow line that powers his championship-winning performance on the court. With UA Flow’s lightweight cushioning and pioneering traction, the UA SlipSpeed Mega delivers on both comfort and performance.



Supersized UA Flow cushioning cradles your foot for an almost weightless feel.


Reinforced supportive material with engineered venting.


A personalized fit, one click at a time, with a 12-point lockdown system.


Heel to toe interior foam padding with cool-to-the-touch Iso-Chill technology.


We made it easy — put them in the wash to keep them fresh and clean.


Go from train mode to recover mode.

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