Under Armour champions women in sports with latest collection

Under Armour is celebrating Women’s History Month through the release of a limited-edition collection in collaboration with Kelsey Plum and Diamond Miller

The women’s sports landscape has long faced headwinds with female athletes receiving unequal opportunities as compared to men, impacting the way that young girls view their own futures in their respective sports. Under Armour stands for equality, both on and off the field and court, and has committed itself to celebrating, supporting, and championing female teammates and athletes.

As an extension of that support, Under Armour, in partnership with WNBA superstars Kelsey Plum and Diamond Miller, is releasing a limited-edition product line that pays homage to female trailblazers everywhere in honour of Women’s History Month.

Both Kelsey and Diamond have been instrumental in driving progress in sports, actively protesting gender inequality within a predominantly male-dominated sport. With their collaboration, Under Armour is releasing a curated Women’s History Month collection that features some of the brand’s most popular female-first products – from the fan favourite UA Meridian line created for women, by women, to the UA Breakthru -designed specifically for female hoopers. These elevated pieces were created with female athletes in mind, utilizing Under Armour’s best technology and designs to empower female athletes to reach their performance goals.

As a 2x WNBA champion, Las Vegas Aces Point Guard Kelsey Plum is well known for her skills on the court, but what many don’t know is that she initially struggled to navigate the complexities that came with taking her talents to the professional level. Inspired by her own journey to the WNBA and her ‘dawg mentality,’ Kelsey and Under Armour are partnering to host the second DAWG Class powered by UA Next. The three-day camp, taking place in April, is designed to help female college athletes navigate their journey from college basketball to the professional level, providing them with the tools and insights needed to succeed as a first step to increasing equity in sports. Under Armour is also honouring Kelsey’s legacy as a female trailblazer with a custom vest that is covered with patches that hold personal significance to both Kelsey and International Women’s Day.

“The DAWG Class with UA will bridge the gap between college and the professional game. It’s difficult to jump to the next level and I didn’t have anyone helping me navigate the unknown. I want to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained and the resources available to me now to young women who are about to take that next step,” said Kelsey Plum.

Having participated in last year’s DAWG Class, Minnesota Lynx Forward Diamond Miller understands the significance of inspiring the next generation to pursue their goals and aspirations, both on and off the court. Through her partnership with Under Armour, Diamond is committed to giving girls coming up in basketball the resources they need to grow and succeed. As she embarks on her second season in the WNBA, Diamond will continue to find these opportunities with Under Armour to instil confidence in female athletes and share her experience at DAWG Class to help other young athletes get started in their careers.

“Being confident means being completely yourself and it’s really you versus you. I’m just trying to be better than who I was yesterday and that’s when my confidence is the best because I see nobody but myself,” said Diamond Miller.

Like Kelsey and Diamond, Under Armour President and CEO Stephanie Linnartz knows what it’s like to break through in a male-dominated industry. Stephanie has remained committed throughout her entire career to creating equal opportunity for women in business and now serves as the first female CEO in the sports apparel space. She has made it her mission to hold the door open for and empower the women around her – whether that be fellow UA teammates or athletes.

“Women’s sports have redefined the way that we approach the industry both on and off the court. I am proud of under armour’s industry-leading commitment to supporting and advancing the careers of women, leaning on our incredible roster of female athletes as role models and spokespeople of our mission to make impactful change in the sports industry for good. I look forward to the progress that we will make through this commitment and the barriers that we will break down as a result,” said Stephanie Linnartz, Under Armour President & CEO.

The Women’s History Month collection is available on and in select UA Brand Houses.

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