United by the grit and grind of training

Nothing is more visceral than the daily grind of athletes training to get stronger, quicker or just better overall. It’s the process and the journey of professional and everyday athletes that not only unites them regardless of their sport, but makes them truly great and able to reach their maximum potential. That WILL – the determination, perseverance and dedication to training – unites us no matter who we are, where we are from, or what we set out to accomplish. Together, it makes us family.

Training means something different to everyone, but lays the foundation for excellent performance no matter the sport or fitness goal. Under Armour’s DNA is rooted in training and its new global Train campaign, “Will Makes Us Family,” is Under Armour’s modern expression of training and its commitment to empower athletes at all levels to be the best in their game.

The “Will Makes Us Family” films juxtapose premier athletes from different sports with everyday athletes to showcase their common unwavering WILL to chase their goals no matter the hurdles. Viewers are given unfiltered access into these athletes’ training, to observe first-hand the effort that goes into perfecting their sport. This message of inclusivity, of family, is about celebrating the pure power of WILL and the tenacity that is ingrained inside every athlete.

Athletes featured in the campaign include:
Quarterback Cam Newton
Principal Ballerina Misty Copeland
World Champion Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn
Gold Medalist and Heavyweight Boxing Champion Anthony Joshua
Champion Golfer Jordan Spieth

Lindsey Vonn

In addition to the full anthem film, several vignettes pair unexpected athletes together to show viewers raw moments that highlight the commonalities of training – not just the triumphs, but the failures, exhaustion, frustration and sweat experienced on the field, in the studio and in the pouring rain and snow.

The collection of films was created in partnership with creative agency Droga5 and directed by Jodeb of PRETTYBIRD. Jodeb (Jonathan Desbiens) was hand-selected for his ability to capture raw human emotion in a striking way – grand and cinematic, but never compromising authenticity. Each film shares the same music selection of ‘You Can Make It If You Try’ by Gene Allison. The sound was produced by Heard City.

Under Armour continues its tradition of providing consumers with the world’s best, most innovative performance products with its new line of Training gear released along with this campaign – Perpetual, Vanish, Weather Protection and the fall/winter Misty Copeland Signature Collection.

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