Universal Pictures International Entertainment and Big Shot acquire rights to Tabata fitness regime

The Japanese scientist behind the hottest trend in fitness has agreed to become the face of a new exercise superbrand.

Joining forces with global distribution company Universal Pictures International Entertainment and fitness programme producers Big Shot Productions, Tabata is now a licensed exercise system based on Professor Izumi Tabata’s research findings.

Recognised as the father of HIIT – high intensity interval training – Professor Tabata figurehead of Tabata, is renowned for his discovery that short sharp bursts of intense exercise are the best way to get fit fast and consume more calories.

The official Tabata system will be launched in America and the UK initially as a group exercise class.

It’ll be based around the ‘Tabata Protocol’ of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

This system was developed by Professor Tabata when he was working as an advisor to the Japanese Olympic speed skating team.

It is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to increase both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

In laboratory trials, this ‘20/10’ system was shown to be significantly more effective than other commonly used forms of HIIT.

Tests using the Tabata system increased VO2 max – the gold standard test for fitness – by 13 per cent in six weeks.

In contrast, a trial using 30 second bursts of intensity with two minute rest periods was not as effective, even though the exercise was more intense and longer lasting.

Tabata classes will also be short and effective at 30 minutes, with the most intense section being just four minutes long.

Professor Tabata’s latest research shows that if this method is followed correctly, using the authentic Tabata Protocol, the body will continue to consume more calories for up to 12 hours after the exercise class.

These are additional calories to those consumed by the body at rest – so over and above the resting metabolic rate.

A spokesman for UPIE and Big Shot Productions said: “We are thrilled we have signed Professor Tabata to be the figurehead for this new fitness brand.

“This is an exercise system that works and in double quick time, so we’re sure it’ll be a big hit with gym members around the world.

“We also feel that gym operators will welcome a fitness system that has scientific credibility and a format that is flexible enough to be used for group personal training, as well as group exercise classes.”

There are plans for a marketing campaign built around international celebrities and world class athletes who already use Tabata.

Tabata will launch in the United States in March at the IHRSA Trade Show in Las Vegas and then in the UK in April at the Fitpro Convention 2013 at Loughborough University (stand 47).

Fitpro delegates can sign up for Tabata presenter sessions, which will also include a practical demonstration.

Professor Tabata will visit London on March 14 for a Tabata presentation event to leading sports scientists and health journalists.

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