Up & Running general manager dusts off trainers for charity health initiative

Jonathan Midwood (pictured) has pledged to exercise regularly, lose a stone and a half in weight and run the Humber Bridge Half Marathon as part of Yorkshire Cancer Research’s new health campaign.

Midwood is taking part in Life Choices Life Changes, which aims to encourage people to make a pledge that will lead to a healthier future.

40 per cent of all cancers can be prevented by lifestyle changes and Yorkshire Cancer Research has launched the initiative to help people in the region reduce their risk of developing the disease.

Midwood, 43, ran his last race in 2002, when he completed the Great North Run in 1.29.54.

A month later his eldest daughter was born and he decided to take some time off to spend with her.

Midwood explains: “Now it’s 12 years later and I seem to have taken an awful lot longer than I planned.

“My weight has ballooned from my racing snake days and I’ve reached an age where I am no longer as fit as I used to be.

“Combined with the fact I have a back problem that flairs up when I’m overweight and don’t exercise, I knew I needed to do something as a last ditch attempt to curb the onset of old age.”

Midwood plans to prepare for the half marathon, which takes place in Hull on June 28, by following Up & Running’s training guides and mixing in some cross training, including swimming.

He adds: “The main bulk of my training will be slow steady mileage, healthy carbo loading and one eye on the goal at the end.

“My mum lives near Hull and my brother lives in Hull and to have their disapproving eyes on a no-show means I will have to commit and complete my pledge.

“I’m also hoping to raise as much money as I can for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

“We live in a world where all around there is illness and loss, where families are broken apart by many awful diseases.

“The scourge of cancer affects us all and is close to my heart.

“By raising money and awareness for the charity, we can make a difference to many lives.”

You can sponsor Midwood by visiting or sign up to make your own pledge at

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