URC officials to Illuminate the pitch with vibrant kits designed by Kappa

Kappa, the renowned international sportswear brand, has collaborated with the United Rugby Championship (URC) as their Official Supplier Partner.

Since announcing the partnership in May, the Kappa in-house design team has been working in close collaboration with the URC to create a stunning collection of match officials’ kits, as well as complementary training and travel wear.

The collection features three main on-field kits: a vivid yellow primary kit that highlights the officials against the players, a striking pink kit, and a clean white kit, both equally energetic alternatives. Each kit is adorned with a wave graphic that adds movement to the jersey, complemented by effortless simplicity in the shorts and socks.

Mike Adamson, a URC Official, said: “Although the officials are from five different countries, we are one team. So, wearing the same kit is really important for our teamwork and unity, especially when we are travelling. It represents our professionalism.”

Frank Murphy, another URC Official, added: “Like the players, as a referee, you want to look and feel good, as you will then perform at your best. On match day, putting that shirt on gets you into game mode. You are ready for the game, focused, and switched on from the very start. I’m a big Kappa fan and very excited to be wearing the kit this year, in particular the white kit.”

Kappa’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in their female-specific kits, designed and manufactured to support current athletes and referees, as well as inspire the next generation of women to participate in sports. Hollie Davidson, URC Official, said: “The female tailored Kappa kit makes me feel really confident when I go out on that pitch. I believe we perform our best when we feel comfortable and confident.”

Gareth Edwards, Senior Apparel Designer at Kappa UK and Ireland, added: “Our focus was ensuring the kit performed technically, and then we got creative to build clean, impactful designs that would represent these officials as athletes, professionals, and guardians of the laws, through fair and safe play.”

The URC Officials team eagerly anticipates the start of the 2023/2024 season when these exceptional kits will be showcased on the field. Rugby fans worldwide are encouraged to attend a URC game to witness these vibrant kits in action.

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