Vibram UK sponsors the 2018 IMMAF – WMMAA Unified World Championships

The 2018 IMMAF – WMMAA Unified World Championships is beimg sponsored by Vibram UK, as the world governing body of amateur MMA pilots Vibram Furoshikis as its footwear of choice for officials in the ring.

The global governing body’s five-day, nations tournament is due to commence on Monday, November 12, in Manama, Bahrain, live-streamed on

Chris Wilson, managing director of Vibram UK, said: “When the call came through that the IMMAF wanted a clean and hygienic solution to ‘inside the ring’ footwear, especially for the referees, we at Vibram UK were pleased to assist.

“The IMMAF had highlighted the problem of outdoor shoes being worn in the ring bringing with them dirt and grime on to the canvas where the contestants would be fighting. The solution; Vibram Furoshiki – The Wrapping Sole.

“The referees and ring officials simply change out of their regular footwear at ringside and slip on their Vibram Furoshiki. The upper, made of top-quality Italian Lycra simply wraps around the foot and fastens with a simple Velcro fastening. The sole is made of top grade Vibram rubber ensuring excellent grip on the ring canvas. At the end of the contest on leaving the ring the official slips them off and folds them into the neat, portable bag ready for the next fight.”

Kerrith Brown, IMMAF president, said: “Coming from a judo background, respect for the cleanliness and hygiene of the tatami is ingrained. In MMA, competitors also engage in ground game but with a higher chance of sustaining cuts. It gets under my skin that officials, staff and corners continue to wear outdoor shoes in the ring where open wounds can be exposed to contamination. As the world amateur MMA governing body, IMMAF strives to set the highest standards, which includes maintaining a sterile, sporting environment with respect to the athletes and their health.

“We are therefore proud to be piloting Vibram Furoshikis on a pool of officials and decision makers at the IMMAF – WMMAA World Championships. I am wholly grateful to Vibram UK for their sponsorship and their support of world amateur MMA.”

Chris Wilson added: “The Vibram brand has been long associated with the outdoors, running and footwear markets since the company started in 1937 and then subsequently with the launch of Vibram FiveFingers in 2006. We are therefore delighted to continue this tradition with the association of our relatively new Furoshiki range with the rapidly growing world-wide sport of mixed martial arts.”

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