VVDV continues journey with Winmau

Vincent Van Der Voort the godfather of darts, continues his journey with Winmau.

Since joining Winmau back in 2020, he has added a huge depth of darting knowledge and support to the company with his exceptional darts knowledge.

The straight-shooting Dutchman has been at the top of the game for decades and is quietly continuing on his way with a huge passion for darts’ future.

Watch and listen as Vincent discusses everything from how his game has evolved to how he sees the future and what needs to be done here.

Vincent van der Voort Signature barrels

Designed for use at rapid speed to suit Vincent’s style, these custom-fit, streamlined darts offer Winmau’s world-class technology for precision play and supercharged accuracy. The unique tungsten grip construction blends into your fingers for a second-skin feel, giving explosive control under serious tour pressure at the highest-levels demanded by Vincent.

See the range here.

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