Water Wing Vest launched by Zoggs

Zoggs have launched their latest Learn to Swim product, the Water Wing Vest.
The Water Wing Vest, the latest in buoyancy aid design, develops a child’s water confidence, while allowing complete freedom of movement in the arms and shoulders.
The Water Wing Vest contains two forms of flotation aid.
The fixed floatation Neoprene Jacket places the child in a natural swimming position; the super soft arms with strategically sewn in floats provide extra buoyancy and flexible movement to give children full range of movement in their arms to practice their stroke.
The Water Wing Vest is a great way for parents to support their child’s swim development when practising the skills and techniques learned in their swimming lessons, allowing the child to progress more quickly. It is adds variety to swimming lessons and is quick and easy to put on and take off, with the added security of a rear fastening zip
During product testing, 96 per cent of children said they felt more confident in the water during and after use of the Water Wing Vest; 95 per cent of parents said their child’s swimming improved with and after use of the product; all of the swimming teachers rated the Water Wing Vest four out of five or five out of five.
The Water Wing Vests are designed to appeal to any little girl or boy, with the Mermaid Flower and Deep Sea patterns.
Available in sizes 2-3 and 4-5 years it is perfect to support all children through their stage two swimming development. The Water Wing Vest is available now with a RRP of £20
Simone Benhayon, ASA & STA Swim Teacher of the Year 2016, has carried out extensive testing on the product and said: “After testing the Water Wings Vest across different ages and environments it is clear that it is a product that aids a child’s development and builds confidence at the same time. With the ease of getting it on and off and teachers found it useful as a teaching tool. Research shows that this product rates very highly and is definitely needed in the industry.”
For further information and product details of the Water Wing Vest, please visit

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