Wayne Rooney tops home nations social media league table

The England and Manchester United captain has 24.7 million fans on Facebook, over 10 million followers on Twitter and 1.2 million fans on Instagram.

Gareth Bale is second in the overall ranking with almost 30 million social media fans.

The list has been compiled by specialist sports PR and communications consultancy Macesport, which manages the sponsorship activation for Vauxhall, the lead sponsor of Home Nations football.

The complete list includes 20 international players, who total 102.3 million fans.

Macesport believes the figures speak volumes about the impact of social media in modern day sport.

Managing director Paul Mace says: “These figures demonstrate the huge influence and engagement footballers exert across all strands of social media and the whole of society.

“In the coming years, we would expect to see these figures to continue to demonstrate substantial growth.

“Footballers – and sports athletes in general – are realising the huge potential that exists in social media for them to communicate directly in a fun and entertaining way.”

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