West Ham United Announce BlazePod as Official Visual Reaction Training Supplier

West Ham United is delighted to announce BlazePod, creators of the world’s leading flash reflex solution, as the Club’s Official Visual Reaction Training Supplier.

BlazePod is a smart light-based reaction training system that provides a game-changing way to execute physical and cognitive training simultaneously through exciting and competitive workouts. BlazePod drills improve agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, strength, decision making, speed, efficiency and more.

BlazePod’s products will aid training across the First Team, Women’s and Academy teams at the club.

West Ham United Commercial Director Nathan Thompson said: “We are constantly striving to perform at the very highest level across all teams at the Club. To do this we need the best, most professional support. BlazePod’s innovative product can help us achieve our goals and gain a competitive advantage.”

“Our mission at BlazePod is to share the tremendous benefits Flash Reflex Training brings to athletes to keep them at the top of their game throughout their career,” said Yaniv Schniederman, CEO and Founder at BlazePod. “We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and training solutions with West Ham United’s coaches and being part of creating faster, stronger, and more intelligent players.”

About BlazePod:

BlazePod is a robust flash-reflex training (FRX) system that targets the body’s natural response to sensory stimulations to improve speed, strength, agility, decision making, reaction time, and overall performance. Designed for any age or fitness level, the BlazePod Experience consists of vibrant visual cue Pods controlled by an interactive app and are ideal for sports and fitness training; rehabilitation and physical therapy; tactical training for emergency services, security, and military; and as a cognitive treatment for neurological disorders. The BlazePod neuro-sports cognitive performance method trains the brain to process quicker, allowing the body to reach its full physical potential and perform better in sports and everyday life. More information can be found at

To view BlazePod’s full range of products training products, visit

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