What are the health benefits of Vulkan and Sorbothane?

Can you give me some background about the company?

Performance Health is a leading multichannel supplier within the global rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine markets, with top sports brands including Sorbothane, Vulkan, THERABAND, Thera°Pearl and Biofreeze.

With a robust portfolio of 12,000 products. We have strong partnerships with and distribute products to global industries including hospitals, clinics, high street retailers, pharmacists, internet traders and international distributors.

How much research and development has gone into the range?

The polymer Sorbothane has an impressive history and record of versatility, having penetrated various high tech industries across the world. From protecting NASA’s space shuttle cameras to Medical Multinationals, Logistics, Electronics and Athletic Associations. This has driven a vast amount of research and development into making our insoles the best they can be. It is a trusted polymer as well as a brand, which has been instrumental in protecting athletes and adventurers alike.

How do the differing products target specific activities?

Certain activities are often associated with specific injuries. For example turf toe is a common injury in footballers who play on artificial turf because of excessive upward bending of the big toe joint. In order to protect this from excess stress and impact, the Double or Full strike would be particularly effective.

In Rugby or running, excessive training can lead to common injuries such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Sorbothane Heel pads or Single Strike offer focused protection by cushioning the heel and reducing the high impact shockwaves the heel is subjected to.

Tell me about the Sorbothane insole range

The Sorbothane range offers a shock absorbing solution for anyone from the casual hiker with the Cush ‘N’ Step or the avid Sunday league football player, to the professional athlete demanding ultimate protection and support with the Sorbo Pro. Sorbothane insoles limit the trauma caused to the body during exercise, having proven to repeatedly absorb an unparalleled 94.7 per cent of shockwaves, without performance degradation.

This impact resistance is possible because of Sorbothane’s unique viscoelastic material, which enhances the body’s natural defence mechanisms. On impact, the polymer deforms to disperse shockwaves laterally. This prevents shockwaves from shooting vertically through the body, causing potential damage to the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Sorbothane insoles also provide the correct support, alignment and cushioning to the feet, stimulating a domino effect of pain relief throughout the body, whereby the wearer’s sporting edge is not only maintained, but enhanced.

Do the insoles help to prevent injury?

Yes. High impact activity generates a greater level of stress on the joints in the form of shockwaves. For example, every time your feet strike the ground, harmful shockwaves reverberate through the body at up to 70mph. However Sorbothane is proven to prevent 94.7 per cent of these shockwaves from travelling from the feet and up through the body during high intensity activities.

Limiting and reducing damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons enables athletes to keep performing at the top of their game.

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