Wilson and Playtomic close an agreement to grow padel globally

Wilson, the leading racket sports brand, and Playtomic, the leading padel court booking platform, have signed an agreement with the main objective of expanding padel globally and adding value to the padel community. In particular, the agreement seeks to promote padel in emerging countries that are starting to practice this demanded sport.

This agreement meets the needs of clubs looking for management tools and players looking for the best material to play with. In this way, Wilson will benefit from the community of padel players to which Playtomic has access to provide events, experiences and quality material adapted to each player and thus also be able to take the brand closer to the player. For its part, the booking app will be able to take advantage of Wilson’s strong presence and recognition in the world of racket sports to help them with the process of international expansion to emerging countries in padel.

“Wilson Brand Mission statement is to promote healthy lifestyle habits through sport and empower every human to live like an athlete, we firmly believe that padel is one of the key sports to achieve this mission, we are very motivated by this collaboration with Playtomic, with the main objective of continuing to grow the community of players and create a tailor-made playing experience to meet the player´s expectations,” said the Global Padel Director of Wilson, Iñaki Cabrera.

The vision of Wilson and Playtomic align in many aspects, especially in the mission of bringing padel closer to the community and making the sport grow in grassroots.

“For us Playtomic is a lifestyle and we believe that together with Wilson we can help many padel players to improve their game and get the best out of this sport by customizing the experience of each of the users,” added Pablo Carro, Co-founder and CSO of Playtomic.

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