Winmau, Sporting Goods and the DPNZ leading the way in New Zealand

Winmau and Darts Players New Zealand (DPNZ) have signed a new sponsorship deal that will continue to help darts grow in New Zealand at all levels, with one of New Zealand’s leading sports wholesalers, Sporting Goods Specialists executing on the ground.

Sporting Goods Specialists are run by a team who have played sport at a high level, building the country’s most specialised darts offering for New Zealand’s growing darts market.

Darts Players New Zealand (DPNZ) is a successful darts organisation that gives every New Zealand based player the opportunity to earn as much experience as possible, with the system giving out places at the PDC World Darts Championship and World Series events through competitions run throughout the year.

Ben Robb who played in the opening match of the 2023 World Championship, and Cody Harris are just some of the examples of players who have taken their game into the PDC, with Big Rig winning 5 of the 8 Pro Tours held on the DPNZ Tour Series 2022.

The organisation has adopted the idea of how the PDC run across a year, with the inclusion of Pro Tours in different areas which count towards the rankings. So far in 2023, 4 Winmau Pro Tours have taken place across the country, with the first 2 at the Blackhorse Hotel in Christchurch.

On the 25th and 26th of March, the DPNZ headed for Auckland for the second batch of Pro Tours, as John Hurring secured his maiden Pro Tour win whilst Haupia Puha won the other event. Hopes has appeared at the Alexandra Palace before, qualifying for the PDC World Darts Championship in 2021 as well as last year’s WDF World Championship.

Haupai is tied at the top of the Men’s Order of Merit with Ben Robb, whilst Kayden Milne leads the way in the 2023 DPNZ World Youth Championship Rankings.

The new deal signed with Winmau will provide the opportunity for competitions to continue running as successfully as they are now, with the use of the Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core dartboard and other darting equipment, as more events scheduled for the rest of the darting year.

Geoff Owen, from Sporting Goods Specialists, gave his thoughts on the new DPNZ deal with Winmau and said: “Winmau are by far the leading brand in world darts and coupled with the power of the PDC partnership we have the perfect storm to hit the ground running for every player in New Zealand.”

Winmau Marketing Director Simon Hall said: “We love dealing with the darts guys in New Zealand as they are so passionate about the game, and it’s amazing to see players get the chance at the Alexandra Palace and Lakeside, and the aim now is to give even more players their chance in a competitive environment with professional setups.”

Four more Pro Tour events are scheduled in the months of April and May, as the DPNZ head to Sun City, Nelson, and Hamilton Cossie Club for Winmau Pro Tours 5-8.

The World Series Play Offs also take place at the start of July as players look to qualify for the New Zealand Darts Masters at the Globox Arena in Hamilton, with the opportunity to play top players such as Gerwyn Price, Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright.

To contact Sporting Good Specialists follow the link Sporting Goods Specialists and for any queries about Dart Players New Zealand: (DPNZ)

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