WITEBLAZE: The path to more sustainability in sports retail

Launched in the 2023 summer season, WITEBLAZE has replaced all previous brands from SPORT 2000 and impressed sports enthusiasts and retailers alike with its long-lasting, stylish collections that are both highly versatile and performance-oriented.

The complete range will now be presented exclusively for partners and retailers in the first WITEBLAZE showroom. With new WITEBLAZE Brand Manager Markus Xyländer, SPORT 2000 International is pursuing the clear goal of continuing to build up its brand presence worldwide.

There is a growing trend in consumer behaviour that has also arrived in sports retail: sports enthusiasts are increasingly seeking out high-value, multi-use products and brands, including those produced more and more sustainably that can also be used for different types of sports. They value quality, durability and timeless designs rather than continuously making new purchases. SPORT 2000 picks up on this social change and brings durable and versatile collections onto the market with WITEBLAZE. Specialised expert products in footwear and equipment complement the brand portfolio.

“Despite the challenging market environment with large inventories in retail, WITEBLAZE has already proven its success on the market after a short time. The quality, tactile experience and timeless look are already impressing consumers, as feedback from our SPORT 2000 retailers shows,” said Dominik Solleder, Managing Director of SPORT 2000 GmbH.

Community-inspired WITEBLAZE

WITEBLAZE sees itself as a living community brand that thrives on the inspiration and ideas of consumers, retailers and experts. “Social developments and long-term trends form the basis of our brand development. Feedback from our community has significantly contributed to strengthening the market position of WITEBLAZE,” said Solleder. In addition to the continuous development of collections and products, we also aim to, above all, strengthen the worldwide brand presence of WITEBLAZE in both the online and offline worlds. SPORT 2000 International works toward this goal by partnering with passionate brand ambassadors, who present WITEBLAZE on the major social media platforms in a true, authentic way in their everyday life.

WITEBLAZE impresses sports enthusiasts and SPORT 2000 retailers alike

Feedback and sales figures from SPORT 2000 stores show that the complete WITEBLAZE product range has been well received by consumers. The colours of the individual collections complement each other very well. This is how we find the perfect combination for all customers,” said Elisabeth Steger from SPORT 2000 Herzog in Neukirchen am Großvenediger (Austria). The simple, timeless design and the quality of the product, paired with its performance orientation, impress not only consumers, but also the SPORT 2000 retailers themselves. “WITEBLAZE gives us SPORT 2000 retailers the opportunity to distinguish ourselves from the competition,” explains Ronny Morawa, Managing Director of the flagship store in Landsberg (Germany). “At the same time, WITEBLAZE sets itself apart from already established brands with a clear, attractive design. WITEBLAZE complements our range rather than competing with it,” said Christian Döhla from the Pfersdorf shoe and sport shop in Hof (Germany). Unique selling points like an exclusive brand are very important for brick-and-mortar retail right now, because they help to increase customer loyalty.

First WITEBLAZE showroom in Mainhausen opened

The WITEBLAZE showroom was opened in Mainhausen to start off the 2024 winter season. For the first time, the complete 360° brand approach, comprising textiles, equipment and footwear, is presented in a space of 160 square metres. “The WITEBLAZE showroom is a reflection of our brand where we display our products in an inviting manner. It is not just a place where products are presented, but also a place for experiences and personal encounters,” describes Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000 International and SPORT 2000 GmbH, emphasising that SPORT 2000 retailers can experience the variety of products on location and test the equipment and materials themselves. The showroom is also a venue for meetings as well as brand events.

Markus Xyländer is the new WITEBLAZE Brand Manager

As of 1 September 2023, Marcus Xyländer is the new WITEBLAZE Brand Manager. In his new position, the 46-year old is responsible for the management of the WITEBLAZE brand and acts as the interface between all commercial functions, the SPORT 2000 national organisations, as well as the product and design teams. “With Markus Xyländer, we have gained an experienced and competent retail design and customer experience expert. His worldwide retail competence will be a major contribution to the brand development of WITEBLAZE,” said Gosau, who is pleased with the international addition to the team. The Nuremburg native brings a solid knowledge of business and long-standing experience in sport and fashion retail with brands like SportScheck, Wöhrl and Breuninger as well as different retail agencies like Barthelmess and ICT AG.

SPORT 2000 International

SPORT 2000 International is the second largest sports retailer worldwide with 3,586 stores in 25 countries. The sports retail company generated sales totalling EUR 6.5 billion in 2022.

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