Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes in the next generation

Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes there should be no difference in quality between junior and adult sportswear.
And his brand A-Z has a junior collection for active boys and girls aged five to 14.
Zlatan believes that exercise is essential to well being, both physical and mental, and wants to inspire and encourage young people to start training at an early age.  
That’s why Zlatan wanted to create sportswear with the same great quality and width of range as the adult’s line.
A-Z Sportswear have introduced one of the few unisex lines available for kids.
Zlatan said; “Even if you’re a junior or an adult, a boy or a girl, it shouldn’t be any difference.
“They should have the same quality as everybody else. I don’t see them in the second or third line, I see them in the first line – just like I see myself.
“The more they enjoy themselves, the better they play, and the harder they will work.
“It’s up to us how far we want our kids to go. If you encourage and believe in them, they can accomplish anything.
“When I see kids I see the future. I see the happiness. I see the hope in their eyes. They’re willing to do it, to become what I am, so for me they’re everything.”
The A-Z Junior collection is Unisex – for girls and boys – ages five to 14, sizes 110/116 – 158/164.

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