Zone3 reports record sales of wetsuit and triathlon apparel

Sales are up 60 per cent on the same time last year, according to the British brand, which launched its first range in 2009.

Brand manager Bobby Buck says: “Growth might have been quicker if we’d gone straight into big name sponsorship deals, but as a young company we didn’t have the time or money when we were in pursuit of trying to develop the perfect product.

“The product has always come first to us, closely followed by supporting our retailers and trying to give them the best customer service possible.”

Zone3 founder James Lock, an elite level triathlete, believes the increase in sales is a result of the company producing well-fitting wetsuits at competitive prices.

He adds: “We hope the foundations we set between 2007-2012 are starting to come to fruition and that with an established customer base we can now start to build on this further through continued product development and exciting new marketing strategies.”

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