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2017 Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo Awards

Following the incredible success of its debut at last June’s shows, the 2017 Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo Awards returned for a second year.

The awards aim to recognise the most original and inventive tools, products, and services in elite sports performance and injury rehabilitation.

This year, we saw UK companies dominate the awards, winning both the coveted Elite Sports Performance Innovation Award and Elite Sports Rehab Innovation Awards.

Our Performance Innovation award acknowledges the most innovative product or service developed to increase performance within elite athletes. Whilst Elite Sports Rehab Innovation judges innovative products or services that have been developed to aid recovery and rehab in elite athletes.

The winners of our prestigious awards were chosen by our specially selected independent judging panel, consisting of Sergio Stelitano, the Strength and Conditioning coach for McLaren, George Baldwin, the Academy Coach for Chelsea FC and Matthew Watkins, the Performance Analyst for Bath Rugby.

Speed Freq, a UK company that aims to help elite athletes in the pursuit of victory through the use of sports training equipment, triumphed over their competition to win the Performance Innovation Award.

The company combine the winning components of technique and power development so that athletes perform at their highest level and prevent injury.

Founder Dan Mckeown, comes from a sporting background, as both a performance athlete and coach in strength and conditioning, tae-kwon- do, weightlifting and
Speed Freq has also created The Freq Reflex training tool; an ingenious piece of training equipment that can be used at the beginning, during or end of training programmes and aims to both improve an athlete’s technique and power at the same time. It’s no wonder Speed Freq won this award, as the company demonstrates a key understanding of the specific and varying needs of athletes and the desirable qualities of a sought after coach.
UK Sports Products were chosen as the winners of the Elite Sports Rehab Innovation Award, who decided to showcase their new brand RPX at the show.
Whilst the company is based in Bedford, UK Sports Products work with manufacturers and distributors from around the world, obtaining the most innovative products that aid the recovery, performance and rehabilitation of elite athletes.

The company was founded in 2004 by Laurence White, who at the time was a professional sportsman. Laurence’s first goal was to develop his own patented products, the inflatable ice bath proved to be extremely popular and still is today.

UK Sports Products now have an extensive array of rehab, performance and recovery products that elite athletes need. These include CryoAir devices, that provide cool air to areas of the skin that have been injured, a wide variety of Recovery Tubs and Marc Pros which help condition and stimulate muscles. These are just some of the products that helped UK Sports Products triumph over its competitors this year.

The Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo Awards are an important feature within Europe’s biggest exhibition dedicated to the world of elite sports competition. Next year the awards show will return to London’s ExCeL on June 6 & 7, 2018. There will be even more inspiring, inventive and innovative businesses like these being rewarded for their incredible contributions to this specialist sector.

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