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A seasoned broadcast media professional has joined the #GetOnside campaign by supporting two talented women in their media careers – inspired by a wish to counteract some of the gender inequality he has seen during his career.

Dismayed by the sexism he has sometimes witnessed in the industry, Andy Hipkiss has pledged to mentor two women looking to build a career in sports broadcasting.

Andy is Managing Director of the talent agency Triple A Media and his career in the music and broadcast industries stretches back to 1994. “I’ve seen lots of progressive change in that time,” he says, “but unfortunately I’ve also witnessed some appalling treatment of women in certain sectors of our industry.

“Supporting gender diversity has been something I consider to be very much part of my company’s DNA and as opposed to an agenda, whether that has been the clients we represent or the team people I’ve had around me since opening my business in 2008.”

Distinct offers
The mentoring opportunities Andy is offering will provide two distinct offers for the successful applicants.

The first will be for someone targeting a career in broadcasting – “whether that be in front of or behind the camera”. The second, says Andy, is for “someone that’s perhaps already working in football, maybe at a club, in the offices or admin side of the business where a different point of view could be advantageous for the mentee.”

He adds: “I also see this as a personal learning curve and as a win-win solution for both sides.”

Andy’s work has given him an inside view of the growth of women’s football recently – which means “this feels like a unique opportunity to become part of the Women in Football movement”.

So how does Andy feel to belong to the #GetOnside family?

“I am incredibly proud to join a team of trailblazers and game changers to drive the momentum forward and support wherever I can. In sports broadcasting there feels like there’s been a real moment of change, in football even more so. Having been a proponent of this movement for some time alongside my first-hand experience of the changes, I feel I have a lot to offer to the established team and to those people that’ll no doubt join in the future.”

For Andy what counts most is the sense of fulfilment that will come from seeing his experience benefit the women who he mentors.

“What I’m looking forward to most,” he says, “is being able to help women reach fulfil their potential and how empowering that will be for even more women in football and the wider sports industry. Whatever contribution I can make to the people I mentor will give me a huge sense of satisfaction and I hope will give them a sense that they can achieve anything they want to.”

Find out more about #GetOnside and how to make a pledge

To apply for this opportunity, please email with your CV and a short covering note explaining why you would like to be mentored by Andy.

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