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Women in Football has teamed up with some of the biggest organisations in the game – including the FA, Everton, Aston Villa FC, FIFPRO and ITV Sport – to take action for gender equality in the football industry as part of their new campaign #GetOnside.

#GetOnside is supported by WIF’s lead partner Barclays and sees each organisation make a specific pledge of action which will help to level the playing field for girls and women in the game and make an immediate and real impact.

Many women in the football industry still report that their careers are being held back because of their gender. And men continue to dominate senior roles in football. Almost three quarters of WIF members (71%) want more support for the development of women in leadership roles; nearly four out of five WIF members (78%) want more gender diversity in boardrooms – and horrifyingly, almost one in three (29%) have experienced social media abuse based on their gender.

#GetOnside tackles issues like these head-on as organisations and individuals pledge to provide women in the game with greater support, mentoring, visibility, opportunities and networking.

Key pledges

The #GetOnside family already comprises a wide range of clubs, organisations and individuals including Barclays, Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, Everton, FIFPRO, the FA, Football Manager, ITV Sport, League Managers Association, PFA, Portas, Scottish FA, Sian Massey-Ellis, Sky Sports, talkSPORT, TEAM Marketing and the World Football Summit.

A few of the first pledges to be made include:

● The FA: We pledge to #GetOnside by investing in 1,000 England Football-accredited clubs to give regular, structured, competitive playing opportunities to girls from under-10 to under-16 level
● ITV Sport: We pledge to #GetOnside by increasing gender representation among our
production teams
● Barclays: We pledge to #GetOnside by providing a career development day, offering insight, inspiration and development opportunities to support the progress of women in the football industry

More pledges will be revealed soon by Women in Football, who are encouraging the industry to build a future where thriving in football is driven by ability, not identity.

WIF Chair Ebru Köksal said: “We know that this campaign has the power to change lives – and therefore to change the game. Football is an industry that’s changing, and our new #GetOnside initiative is a great opportunity for collaboration for the continued drive to equality for all.”


Tom Corbett, Head of Sponsorship and Media with Barclays, said: “Over the past 20 years Barclays has supported the women’s and men’s games in many ways, on and off the pitch. So we’re thrilled to be backing the #GetOnside campaign as it launches today.

“Alongside our ongoing support for Women in Football, Barclays will be making a #GetOnside pledge of our own. Early next year we’ll launch a career development day for women working in football, providing insight, inspiration and development opportunities to help overcome the barriers they face in their professional lives.

“We look forward to seeing the pledges come in from other organisations as the campaign moves forward – and their tangible positive impact for women playing and working in football.”

The #GetOnside launch video is created by Women in Football’s official content partner Shoot the Company, who produced the award-winning film Outraged for UEFA in 2020. The idea for the campaign was developed by creative agency Engine.

A full list of #GetOnside pledgers taking part will be published on the WIF website, together with details of the actions they are taking and guidelines for other organisations and individuals wishing to join the campaign and make pledges of their own.

Women in Football CEO Jane Purdon said: “Football belongs to all of us, but sadly real barriers exist for women in the game. We know that football wants to change this, and I applaud the many organisations who have stepped up and committed to take action to help create a fairer, more inclusive game. The future is equality – and we’re bringing it home.”
Find out more about #GetOnside and how to make a pledge:

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