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FitCon an event for the fitness industry by the fitness industry

FitCon, an event by the fitness industry for the fitness industry, has entered a media partnership with Sports Insight.

It’s their goal to help all those who are active in the fitness industry to connect and work together to build and grow. They believe that a high level of collaboration is what is needed to bring it to the next level.

The best way to improve collaboration is to create an event that brings like-minded people together.

A lot of brands see the value of events but they are often hesitant about participating because of the obstacles they encounter along the way. Costs are uncertain and a lot of preparation has to be done.

By offering all-in packages FitCon, to be held at Olympia in London on April 21-23, can guarantee a hassle-free event. No hidden costs afterwards, nothing to worry about. Basically the exhibitors can just show up, display their products and are ready to have a successful weekend.

By bringing the leading brands and the greatest athletes together they aim to offer a one-stop shop for all fitness enthusiasts in the UK. They don’t believe in VIP tickets, at FitCon every visitor gets an all-in experience.

FitCon sets out to create a great experience for both the exhibitor and the visitor. It’s their mission to create an event that everyone can benefit from for years to come.

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