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FREE Product Training for your Associates in 2018

Managing to effectively train your sales associates can be a huge challenge. Whether training is delivered by brands coming into your store or by yourself during the day or outside of business hours- the ability to get the correct and best information to all your sales associates on the products they sell is a complex and time-consuming task.

With Myagi…

● Finding time and resources to deliver training
● Enrolling all staff in training
● Delivering consistent and quality messaging

Is all made much easier.

Myagi’s seamless app and online portal connects brands directly your sales associates via their smart device, and best of all, it is FREE for retailers to consume training.

With Myagi your staff have access to bite size online training videos with the latest product information, accessible anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Developing product knowledge is one of the most effective ways of improving customer experience in your store- proven to increase sales.

Learn more and claim your free retailer account on Myagi at

Check out just some of the brands accessible on Myagi:

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