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How the FSPA can help your business

Not sure how the FSPA could help your sports or play business?
Read the top 5 questions they get asked.

1. What benefits does the FSPA offer?
As an FSPA member you have access to some exclusive benefits and business advantages.  With over 15 benefits available to suit a range of business needs, we’re constantly developing and adding to our range based upon what you tell us supports your business the most.
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2. I’m concerned about the impact Brexit could have on my business? Do you provide information and advice?

Absolutely. Our close links with UK government departments – particularly the Department for International Trade, HM Revenue & Customs and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – mean that we’re uniquely placed to lobby on behalf of the sports and play industries. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest developments.
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3. Do you help to promote and market my business?
Simply by being a member of the FSPA your business is being promoted. How? Well, if you’re an FSPA member it means that your company adheres to a professional code of conduct that sets you apart from the competition. When your company uses the FSPA logo it tells customers that you’ve reached the high standards necessary to be a member. 

4. What business support do you offer members?
Members can access our free Business Advice Line.  Staffed by specialists with professional backgrounds and qualifications, many of them experienced solicitors, you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and practical experience in issues including health & safety, employment law and payroll.
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5. I need help with funding for a project. Can you help?
We have a wealth of information regarding funding opportunities in the sports and play industries. Often it can be a case of being imaginative with your applications, in terms of content and in which organisations you approach. If you would like to discuss your options we’re here to help.
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Learn more about the FSPA
To discover more ways that we could help you, visit our website where you’ll find information and resources on funding, lobbying, campaigning and, of course, our exclusive member benefits. Alternatively, drop us an email at or call the team on 02476 414999.

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