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Important News relating to association with Major Industry Brands

Important News relating to association with Major Industry Brands
The ERSA has agreed a collaboration with Apollo Leisure to use their venue as a base for stringing courses in the UK; and also with Babolat UK, Head UK, and Gamma to use their string, grips, accessories, and stringing machines on those courses. For further information visit Latest News and Course Dates for further information.

We represent the ERSA within the UK with regards to supporting racquet stringers, administering stringing course, and conducting the world renowned stringing qualifications. The people behind this organisation are some of the best stringers in the world and have many years of experience at all levels. They have covered professional tournaments from the lowest International Tennis Federation (ITF) Futures all the way through to Grand Slams and Davis Cups. In their ‘off’ tournament time they string for local customers, and Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) County competitions.

But not only are they experienced tournament stringers, they are highly capable of teaching novices and coaches alike in the artistry of racquet stringing. It is also possible to take various certification tests which are the sign of a stringer able to give a professional service. These certifications are also accepted as being a minimum to be part of stringing teams around the world who deal with the biggest names in tennis.

The stringing courses are held in association, and with the support of with some of the biggest names within the tennis industry within the UK. Each stakeholder has their own place within the courses offered, and can offer something different to their customers. While we could run the courses without them, having their support underlines the level of professionalism that we offer.

We don’t just offer stringing courses, the ERSA can be a great resource for all stringers. Becoming a member can unlock these resources and support from the people behind this organisation.

Over the coming months we will be organising stringing course covering all levels. Please follow us on twitter or facebook for further updates; or email us for any information you’d like to know.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this site, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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