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ISPO Digitize Summit: The highlights of the first digital event for the sports industry

When the sporting goods industry gathers at the ISPO Digitize Summit in Munich on June 28–29, 2018, it will focus on the retailers and brands of sporting goods.

The introduction of digital technologies has changed structures along the entire value chain.

The ISPO Digitize Summit will focus on digital change and highlight the opportunities that it creates.

Talks and workshops will provide an overview of ways that retailers and brands can tap the potential of digitalization and provide some valuable practical advice.

With discussions about such topics as digitalization at the point of sale (POS), omnichannel management and new payment systems, international speakers will bring the digital transformation to life and inspire visitors to embrace it.

Their focus will be the digital customer journey. This journey enables companies to get to know customers and their needs better, inform them, conduct a dialogue with them and develop a long-term relationship with them. In his keynote address, Nicolas Boudot of SoftBank Robotics Europe will explain how artificial intelligence and robots are being used today to provide customers with a unique experience during the customer journey – and how sporting goods retailers can use them.

Knowledge transfer for real-world use In workshops, experts will share some valuable practical knowledge with attendees.

Professor Karl Peter Fischer of the University of Applied Management in Ismaning will offer ideas to the sporting goods industry that were drawn from digital readiness checks. The mobile business expert Heike Scholz will speak on the topic of “New Retaility – How Digitalization Is Changing the Point of Sale.” She will discuss how digital technologies and innovative concepts can help turn the sales floor into a world of experience.

The workshop by The Retail Performance Company (rpc) titled “Improvement of Capability Through Digital Touchpoints at the Point of Sale” will show how retailers can provide support throughout the customer journey and how various touchpoints can be managed and linked.

The related coaching activity “Retail Intelligence” will take an in-depth look at the touchpoint management of digital and stationary interfaces at the point of sale and examine ways to create an even better customer experience.

The workshop by Gamify Now will be very interesting. The gaming experts will apply highly detailed graphics and the interactive mechanisms of the game industry in other industrial areas and present competitive concepts to retailers. The sessions by Mammut and Foursource will provide special insights for brands and manufacturers. In their joint case study titled “Digital Sourcing – the Launching Pad of Digitalization,” the speakers will explore purchasing management in the digital age. Mammut CEO Oliver Pabst and Foursource CSO Jonas Wand will discuss how digital processes can make product development and purchasing more flexible, agile and efficient.

During the workshop by ECD, sport fashion brands will receive answers to one of their most pressing questions: How must processes, teams and customer loyalty be organized to ensure that everything works? Additionally, a workshop about data protection and GDPR will take place.

The workshop is organized by bridging IT and Command Control, the new summit for cyber security.

For the first time, the summit will take place from September 20–22, 2018 in Munich. On the sidelines of the sessions, visitors will be able to talk with exhibiting companies – including MobiMedia.
The specialist for CRM solutions in the B2B consumer area thinks digitalization will create tremendous benefits for order management.

“The major task will not involve the use of digital tools. Rather, it will be the redefinition of many normal, tried-and-true processes in sales,” says MobiMedia CEO Hannes Rambold. You will find other highlights and information about the program, the speakers and the exhibitors online. The ISPO Digitize Summit will be held on June 28–29, 2018, at the ICM — Internationales Congress Center München.
Tickets for the ISPO Digitize Summit are now available online.

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