ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 winners announced

ISPO has named the best start-ups in the sports industry for 2017.
An independent jury examined nearly 400 submissions and chose the winners in eight categories, as well as 42 finalists.
All ISPO BRANDNEW 2017 prizewinners will be exhibiting at ISPO Munich next year from February 5-8.
Higher, faster, further – innovation defines sport and its industry – an industry known for constantly creating strong brands.
ISPO BRANDNEW, the biggest platform in the world for sporty young entrepreneurs, looks at all enterprises less than four years old.
The international jury, mostly made up of former prizewinners, sifts through the submissions and then names the most convincing start-ups in the categories of Athleisure, Hardware Summer, Style, Accessories, Fitness, Hardware Winter, Wearables and Social Awareness.

The eight winners:
Athleisure: Breddy’s, Austria, 2014

Multifunctional sports pants
The Crossover Pants made from functional material are a fashionable and extremely functional blend of normal pants and jeans.
The cut, fabric and design are aimed at use in a variety of sports. The pants are breathable, water and stain-resistant, ergonomic and quick drying.
The whole manufacturing process takes place exclusively in Europe.

Hardware Summer: Flying tent, Austria, 2015
All-in-one pop-up tent and hammock

The flying tent fuses the concept of a hammock with a quick pitch tent. The technically innovative, patent pending glass fibre pole system is based on the simple operation of a pop-up tent and only takes seven seconds to pitch. The flying tent can be used as a hanging tent between two trees, as a bivouac tent on the ground, a hammock or rain poncho.

Style: NoMoreBlack by Kos, Russia, 2014
Wetsuits with arty prints

Kos produces wetsuits with an all-over print, which are designed by artists from around the world. The name says it all: The NoMoreBlack wetsuits are not only colorful and striking, but they are also extremely stylish. A long development time was spent on getting the right printing process to apply the colorful designs onto neoprene.

Accessories: YoYo Mats, USA, 2015
Self-rolling yoga mats

YoYo Mats offer the world’s first self-rolling fitness and yoga mats.
Inspired by a self-winding wristband the inventor, Aaron Thornton, designed a mat which rolls itself up, yet which remains flat on the floor when in use. The prototype has already been filed as a utility model patent in the USA.

Fitness: InteractiveSquash, Germany, 2016
Digital Squash Revolution

Movement sensors and a projector allow InteractiveSquash squash players to experience new and varying game styles, to practice with real-time feedback and to measure their skill against players across the whole world. Goal-oriented it allows players to improve their own fitness or as a challenge, to shake things up on the interactive leaderboard.

Hardware Winter: Anticonf, Switzerland 2016
Innovation in sustainable snowboards

Anticonf has worked intensively on developing the most environmentally-friendly board, without any loss of quality. The Next Core Technology is composed of curved bamboo stringers, which transmit the energy from the foot to the edge, giving the board more pop and better stability. The use of cork with flax fibres means a huge weight saving and provides even better dampening.

Wearables: PIQ, France, 2015
Digital training efficiency

The PIQ ROBOT nanocomputer records and analyzes in real time more than a million pieces of movement data during sports. The LED screen displays essential data, which supports goal-oriented performance improvement. After sports, the data can be shared with the virtual community via PIQ Sport Intelligence and mobile apps.

Social Awareness: Football for Life, Philippines, 2015
Toward a brighter future with sports

The F4L: Academy is a computer-based training course, which uses sports to help disadvantaged young people to break the cross-generational cycle of poverty. Football serves as motivation for learning and consequently promotes professional qualification. Children, who otherwise know only poverty and dependency, enjoy their first successes and enhance their self-confidence as ‘champions’.

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