Textile trends for Fall/Winter 2018/2019

ISPO is a renowned network for innovations.

In combination with ISPO TEXTRENDS, it provides a platform for innovative fabrics and components in the textile sector.

Just recently the summer event was successfully launched for the first time at ISPO SHANGHAI.

The well-established ISPO TEXTRENDS winter event will follow at ISPO MUNICH from February 5–8, 2017.

Companies wishing to showcase their products at ISPO TEXTRENDS can register now at

Which products can be entered in the race? Do they meet the expectations of the judging panel?
The textile trends provide initial pointers and act as a guideline for participants when making their application.

The textile trends consider various factors, from consumer behavior to the global economic situation.

They also incorporate the influences of film, music and art on the industry and your products.

The result is three megatrends, upcoming color trends and five detailed textile trends.

As part of this, ISPO provides an exclusive initial glimpse of the sportswear market for Fall/Winter 2018/2019.

A quick look at textile trends for Fall/Winter 2018/2019:

Megatrends – Opportunity Knocks, Perpetual Emotion, Infinite Act

The three megatrends will influence the textiles of Fall/Winter 2018/2019, crossing over into the sports market: Opportunity Knocks calls for a focus on new market opportunities.

The outdoor and activewear sector is no longer solely confined to a niche market. It is an opportunity to successfully expand product ranges.

With the Perpetual Emotion trend, positivity and confidence take a stand against the ever-increasing doom and gloom in the world.

This trend is spearheaded by the desire to explore boundaries and provide the ultimate functionality without compromising style.

Consumers expect the latest in functionality, enhanced comfort and a feeling like no other they’ve experienced when they wear the garment.

Infinite Act focuses on the message of sustainability combined with a strong corporate responsibility both to the environment and the workforce.

Nanotechnology and biomimicry continue to make a mark, while the chemical industry and manufacturers of functional fabrics focus on their environmentally friendly approach.

Colour spectrum for Fall/Winter 2017/2018

The colors for the Fall/Winter season 2018/2019 are forward-looking, optimistic and focused.

This season the active color spectrum is shifting to a slightly more powdery look compared to the traditionally bright best-selling tones.

Deep reds and dark berry tones compliment envisaged shades of green and orange, presenting a warm but invigorating color spectrum inspired by nature.

Textile trends: Sensory, Allegiance, Myriad, Paragon, Transmutation

Five textile trends reflect numerous influences from consumer behaviour to the global economic situation.

Trend one – Sensory: This trend is about enhancing performance through fit, touch and visual appeal. The functionality on offer is manifested in fabrics, finishes, trims and accessories.

This covers featherlight base layers to super soft insulation and multi-functional outer shells. Sensory pushes the boundaries of technology and textile manufacturing.

Trend two – Allegiance: This trend teams the benefits of natural fibres with the guaranteed performance of advanced synthetic fabrics.

The result is an increase in hybrid blends.

From manufacturers of natural and synthetic yarn to textile suppliers and finishing producers, everyone is striving to deliver more environmentally sustainable products and manufacturing processes. This also influences the appearance.

Trend three – Myriad: This trend is aimed at incredibly lightweight products crammed full of multi-functionality, enabling popular basics to be spruced up into new generation must haves.

The developments in this section give rise to highly intelligent products that create new agility and improved functionality for the consumer.

Trend four – Paragon: Paragon is geared toward everyone who strives to be the best in winter sports – the fabrics, trims and accessories make for a winning performance.

Protective aspects also feature in this trend, from core stability and reflective elements to tear resistance and shock absorption.

Trend five – Transmutation: This trend brings about fabrics and trims that adapt to different situations, especially through prints and yarn combinations inspired by metamorphism.

Visually and structurally stimulating, products in this sector are screaming for attention in a whole host of scenarios, ranging from high-level performance and fun with a hint of glamour.

Companies wishing to showcase their products at ISPO TEXTRENDS can register now at

The application deadline is Sunday, October 30, 2016. An international expert judging panel will then assess all of the submissions.

The selected materials will be exhibited at ISPO MUNICH 2017 in Hall C2.

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